Life over the last six months has been hectic for me. Self employment continues to demand a lot of my time (though it is going far better than I dared hoped at the beginning) and it’s fair to say that my Druidry has been taking a back seat recently (leastways in my conscious mind).

Probably the “biggest” thing has been my marriage to Pauline. We set the date a number of years ago and it has been one of those things that was always in the “future”. But the “future” arrived at this years summer solstice. We decided on a small informal wedding, but being in Scotland meant that we could employ a pagan celebrant and we crafted our own wedding ceremony, a full, legal, Druid wedding on the banks of Loch Lomond.

The weather Gods were kind to us, although there was rain early in the day, a dry spell was in evidence when the ceremony was to take place and I am grateful for such a thing.


Being able to craft your own ceremony was a joy for both of us. Both of us have been married before, I “did” a full C of E wedding previously and Pauline “did” a registry type of wedding with a separate hand-fasting type of ceremony after the legal registry ceremony.

Being both Druids, we wanted to craft a ceremony that would be in keeping with our religious beliefs (both of us being of the opinion that our Druidry is in a religious context). So that is exactly what we did. The venue was Ross Priory, owned by the University of Strathclyde and a wonderful setting it is.

It was particularly special for me because my elderly parents were able to attend, along with relatives from Canada who I had not seen for at least six years.


And so we “Pledged our Troth” in the country that is our home, Scotland.

Shortly before the wedding, I was fortunate to have been in possession of an entirely unexpected cash windfall from an entirely unexpected source. We both had planned to take some form of “honeymoon” later in the year, we thought possibly an extended weekend, but things conspired positively for us and a week after getting married, we were traveling up to the Orkney Isles for a six day honeymoon (minus any kids!).

We knew a couple who lived there who were not only fellow pagans and celebrants, but also ran guide tours of the Orkneys. Who better to show us some of the sights (both well known and not so well known) than them? So we hired their services for a couple of days and that turned out to be a great choice. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and service and though we “knew” them online, it turned out that we got on very well in the “real” world as well.

Pauline is doing a series of blogs about our experiences on our honeymoon there and I’m not going to repeat what she is writing about. For those of you that may be interested, here’s the first of those blogs ( the later ones should be self evident on her site).

My interest with and through photography continues to strengthen, I am becoming increasingly convinced that this form of medium is engaging in me that is a form of “Awen” through me. On the Tuesday, at the Stones of Stenness, I was fortunate to do some shots as the sun set.


I was even more fortunate on the Friday, our last full day on Orkney and the weather gave me a second opportunity, this time at the Ring of Brodgar as well as back at the Stones.


So after all this activity, I sense my Druidry reaffirming itself within me and I will soon be back engaging with it and it’s communities.