So, Loki. Not a God that I had much information about to be honest. As an animist Druid, I acknowledge their (the Gods) presence and I have limited experience of some of their perceived individuality. But my biology (which is what I have come to understand is the biggest factor in how and why I experience the spiritual in the way that I do ) hasn’t really engaged with deity interactions. But there are two sides in any form of relationship and I have come to acknowledge their (the Gods) ability to influence my experiences and, every so often, they demonstrate it.

As I said in part 1, Pauline had recently been “nudged” by Loki and had been doing some research about him. And an interesting character he appears to be as well. I found this piece to be informative as it dispelled some of the recent Hollywood preconceptions surrounding him as a result of recent films. One of the generally agreed qualities of Loki appears to be his ability to cross boundaries. And that was one of the first “feelings” I had about how and why he was involved in these experiences.

But my experience of Loki wasn’t a direct one as such, as I believe he was working with the Spirit of Place, allowing the Spirit of Place to be “in the foreground” so to speak whilst he remained very much “in the background but definitely present”. The Spirit of Place was to be the “mouthpiece” in these interactions. Which interested me because most accounts of Loki suggest he is hardly the “meek and mild” type.

So why this approach, apart from it would logically be the sensible way to interact with me? Could this be part of the “trickster” aspect? My gut feeling then suggested no and a week later I haven’t changed my opinion. No, there was something else. Then I read this piece that Pauline had pointed my way and things began to take shape. I was particularly struck by Loki’s association with fire and the Hearth. And there are two reasons for that.

First, Pauline describes herself as a “Hearth Druid”, her practice revolves around home and hearth. Second, fire. That one sunk in quickly as partially formed information that had been planted by the Spirit of Place when travelling through Kirkby Stephen, began to take shape in my mind when I read that page.

Unless some piece of extraordinary archaeology is discovered in the Kirkby Stephen area in the future, there is no way I can claim this information to be “fact”. But I will record it anyway, if nothing else, for my own benefit and to acknowledge that the Spirit of Place and, indirectly Loki, did interact with me then.

The impression that I got very strongly was that Loki and the Spirit of Place worked very closely together at a local level in the area surrounding Kirkby Stephen. That was why the Loki stone was still present in Kirkby Stephen. But why would this arrangement have taken place and why was it still present?

Reading that page clarified the basic idea for me. The earlier practices seen with the Scottish archaeology, of burning trees and structures to create memories and actions of and with the landscape, had been particularly conducive for Loki. And as with any relationship, it must have been conducive for the Spirit of Place also. The fire practices of Northern Britain must have presented an opportunity for the two parties to engage in this arrangement and relationship.

So I now have come to believe that knowledge of these earlier practices of the Northern British must still have been around in the local kirkby Stephen population when, in all probability, Scandinavian people settled in the area. This ancient knowledge ( of the Northern Britons) would also explain why I felt the presence of the Spirit of Place so strongly, it was very much rooted there through communal ritual practices. My “gut feeling” is that certain ancient practices are still probably known there by some and if not practiced today, at least respected.

I also now believe that such a ritual was carried out in the Kirkby Stephen in the time when the Loki stone was created. An integration between two complimentary communities. It was, and still is, a unique experience for me.

I have never experienced the presence of a deity when engaged in interactions with Spirit of Place. Up till now, they seemed to be very much different entities. To have experienced this has broadened my horizon, so to speak, and I am still processing stuff as I write this. Some of it is too fanciful to commit to record as yet, so I’m not going to record them today.

Pauline and I have committed to visiting the Loki stone in the coming month to see what extra experiences each of us may have there. So there may be another post continuing this at some time in the future, if I can be as sure and clear about it as I was with what I have written about in this series of posts. An interesting set of “co-incidences”, if nothing else!