Spiritual experience can be a strange thing. Sometimes we may crave it and get roundly ignored and other times, it appears to hit you around the head. I have recently experienced the latter.

A little background would be a useful thing before I launch into this. For the last couple of months, my partner (and soon to be wife) Pauline has experienced being “nudged” by a new deity. That deity being Loki. Now, as anyone who has read more than a couple of my blog posts will realise, I don’t “do” deity. That is to say, as an animist, my spiritual work is based with the “other than human communities”.

That doesn’t mean I don’t “believe” in deities, it’s just that interactions with the lifeforms we may think of as deity have been very limited. As a clairsentient, I don’t think I connect well with the concept or the practicalities of deities. Either ways, in 53 years of Earthly form, I have only directly experienced interactions with named deities on three separate occasions. Now I believe that number has increased to four.

This equinox weekend, I travelled from my home in Scotland back to the place of my birth in the East Midlands for the 74th birthday of  my father. Unusually, both my parents were born on the equinoxes, my mother being born on the 21st of September so whereas a lot of people don’t relate strongly with the equinoxes, I most definately do.

Because of the distance involved, some 270 odd miles, I have the habit of starting off very early in the morning (think 3.30 to 4am). So I started my journey at 3.45am. I know the route very well and don’t need to use sat-nav, however, I do program the route as I find the journey information regarding the number of miles left to travel to be useful. So program it I did.

And off I went. Just over a third of the way down, I turn off the M6 onto the A66 to travel through Cumbria and on to the Northern Pennines at Penrith. I got to that junction at around 6am. My sat-nav however, was instructing me to journey further down the M6 for another two junctions. At that time of the morning, there is no traffic and there were no road closures or notices for such. Intrigued, I decided to “humour” it and follow it (and the route was only a further 14 miles, which in the scope of that journey, was hardly a hardship).

So the sat-nav instructed route sent me to Kirkby Stephen. For those of you who are not familar with either Loki or Kirkby Stephen’s associations with him, this may help.  Both Pauline and I had agreed previously that it may be a useful thing to visit Kirkby Stephen in the near future to visit this relic and get a feel for the place. Seems like I was getting personalised instructions.

Of course, at that time in the morning, there was no traffic and I found myself driving slowly through Kirkby Stephen so as to find out the location of the church. As it turned out, and as anyone who has visited that place previously will tell you, it’s not hard to find. Instructions received loud and clear.

So I carried on my journey, arriving safely a couple of hours later and enjoying a very good 24 odd hours with my parents. On that journey back, again I set the sat-nav so as to have a mile counter for my journey. After a couple of hours, I hit the A66 again. Roads clear again (though at 11am on a Sunday morning, not as quiet as the journey down) and I’m not expecting the sat-nav to try to deviate me as conditions were good with sunny skies.

The sat-nav had other ideas. Arriving at the junction with the road I had previously been routed to, I was instructed to take that route again. Absolutely no reason for it to set that route, the A66 was clear (though there was some resurfacing going on, but it wasn’t causing any problems). So, for the extra 14 miles, I “humoured” it again.

When I got to Kirkby Stephen this time, from the other end, I found myself being bombarded with information, which I’ll discuss in the next blog posts.