I’ve been actively involved with paganism for over twenty years now. It was Druidry, primarily as defined by Emma Restall Orr, that first created that first spark of interaction within me. The flame soon caught hold, but after a while, I found the lack of precisely defined parameters within that Druidry somewhat of a hinderance. So I moved away from Druidry and got involved elsewhere with a group who were more concerned with the practices of the common people rather than the Druid caste.

This worked well for me, and a notable other, it grounded both of us as far as our practices were involved. But over time, the need for precisely defined parameters has waned into something else. Precision is required for predicted outcomes but it wasn’t until I realised that these could only ever be the starting points and rarely represent the finishing point, that Druidry re-entered my life. Modern Druidry, in my experience, is an ongoing interactive process that is never static. The clue, as usual, is in nature. Lack of movement can lead to stagnation, nature favours movement, always movement. The timing is just relevant to the affected forms.

And so this frustrating thing that is both defined and yet formless, modern Druidry, continues to interact in countless ways both within and through me. At this precise moment in time, I realise that it is not the outcomes that are important to me, but my ability to host the processes this living thing called Druidry chooses to introduce to me (a very polite way of phrasing for some of these “introductions” sometimes). My Druidry is both forming me and being formed by me.

It is a dance between two living forms, each giving of themselves and reciprocating. It cannot precisely be defined to me, because that precision is only time specific, it is not form or process specific. I see a lot of “discussions” around what did, does and does not constitute Druidry, both ancient and modern. I have gone through these sort of discussions and it has been my experience that a lot of people never get past these types of discussions. The seeming lack of precisely defined parameters within modern Druidry is so at odds with our technological society that many who flirt with it, move on because they cannot recognise the flowing thing that is modern Druidry.

It will not remain static enough for them to anchor to and so they move on. In my personal practice, that particular Druid process that was coined in the 17th century as the Awen, now makes itself known through me in practical ways. In previous recent posts, I have revealed how photography has re-entered my life and how I am convinced it is one of the ways the Awen chooses to interact with and through me at this time. It is a dance it chooses to share with and through me.

It’s not strictly about the results (though I must confess to being pleasantly surprised at my own latent abilities within this art form) but more about experiencing and celebrating the dances of various interactive processes between two living forms. It is, very much, a dance of life. A celebration of two different forms combining to create shared experiences, both defining and being defined by these experiences. It is not a static thing, but an evolving thing, following the favoured route of nature. It is not outside of nature but very much a part of nature.

And because it is very much rooted within nature, this makes its presence within me all the more relevant. Now that I am beginning to better recognise the dance form it chooses when interacting with and through me.